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King & Captain

Complete Privacy and Data Protection Policy


Here at King & Captain, we endeavour to ensure we abide by all present Uk Law and protect and use your data correctly. Therefore we support full transparency on how we collect, store and use your information.


We have made the following adjustments to ensure you know where you stand;

  • We have uploaded the following, in depth, policy so you can understand further how it affect the way you use our service.

  • A privacy disclaimer has been added to 'TIMELY', our 3rd party booking platform to notify you upon booking that your details will be taken for contact purpose ONLY (Regarding appointments only.)

  • We have launched a brand new subscribe option on our promotions page. You WILL ONLY receive promotional emails if you opt in using this service from the 25th May 2018. Anything prior to this you will not receive any emails.

  • We have destroyed our previous email list. So from 25th of May we only have email and contact data stored within our 3rd party appointment platform 'TIMELY', for booking contact details only. Segregating this will mean you only receive contact from us regarding your appointments unless you opt in marketing purposes.

  • Rest assured that your data will never be passed on to any other company or used for marketing by us without your permission.

How we collect, store and use your data

We collect your data via numerous sources.


When booking an appointment we will need to take your full name, email address and telephone number. This is to contact you regarding your appointment if we need to change or notify you for that any reason that your appointment may not be able to go ahead. Your will also receive an automated confirmation email and  a text reminder the day before. This service is operated by our third party booking app 'TIMELY'. If you wish to view their privacy policy, you can do so HERE

Your information is stored on a secure,  encrypted database and only management staff and operating staff have access to this information during working hours. This information is for the purpose of appointment related contact and business related marketing emails including from our partnered companies (Companies owned and operated by us, Us refers to Jack Robinson Pullen and King and Captain. You will not receive marketing emails of any kind using this data unless you have opted in to recieve marketing emails from us.

We will limit all marketing to ensure you do not recieve unnecessary emails or spam.

We have access to information regarding how people who visit our website behave on our website. I.e. If you click a certain tab or use a certain function. We may also have information on how you discovered or how you were directed to our website through our Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics coding we use on our website. This information does not directly link to you or any personal information. These Trackers simple provide us with analytical data on how people use our website. We use this to continuously develop our website to make it easier to use for our customers

You may decide to input your data into our built in subscribers function which give us permission to send you news and up to date information regarding our business.

We may have access to your personal facebook page information if you like, follow or subscribe to our facebook page or if you have logged in using your facebook account on the booking app.

if you do not wish for us to have your information or contact you in anyway please contact us HERE

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