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King & Captain Advertising Opportunity

Here at King & Captain, we have a unique opportunity for your business to hit a wide variety of customers. We now have advertising screens within our barbershop!


One screen faces inwards towards our customers and one screen faces outwards towards the passing traffic. 

We have over 800 customers pass through our doors each month and that doesn't include the friends and parents of our customers who wait whilst they have their haircut. We also have hundreds of cars passing by our shop window on a daily basis.

Your advert will also be placed on our website and on our facebook page!


This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to promote your product, event or service to our clientele for a small monthly fee. 

You can advertise on our internal screen for £25pm or on both screens for just £40pm!!!

Just fill out the form below to apply for screentime.

Thanks! Message sent.

Terms and Conditions


Once agreed, you (The Client) agree to fullfil the commitment for the agreed period. If Needed, your company will be provided with relevant art work set up meeting your requirements. The payment will be taken on a date which suits you, monthly for the period agreed. If the date falls on a weekend, the payment will be taken on the next available working day. Your advert will be placed on our social media pages and also on our website. You will be required to complete a Direct Debit mandate.

We will be in contact very soon regarding the completion of the agreement

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