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Our Guarantee...

At King & Captain we endeavour to deliver the best service you will ever experience! If you ever feel like your service is substandard or your haircut is not to your exact requirements we will happily refund your the full price of your service and make any necessary changes needed to your hairstyle, to ensure you walk out happy

We have a strict set of rules for our staff to follow to ensure you have the best experience possible.


This is called 'the customer service blueprint'.

Some of these rules include;

  • Greeting every customer as they enter the shop

  • Offer refreshments to every customer

  • Undertaking a thorough consultation to produce a style to your exact specifications.

  • Following a particular way of working to ensure consistency with any member of staff.

  • Informing all customers of new benefits we may offer.

  • Discuss styling and products with all customers.

  • Going above and beyond for all customers of any age or background

and much more!

You will leave 100% happy with your service or your money back!

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