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Autism Barbers Assemble x King and Captain

At King & Captain we have previously worked with the charity, Autism Barbers Assemble. The ABA is an official charity helping to raise awareness of Autism and other additional needs amongst children. Children that live with additional needs often struggle at the barbershop. As a collective we dedicate extra time, care and attention to these children to ensure we start to build confidence and a relationship with our young customers. 

To go that extra mile we offer a variety of toys, an Ipad, a games console, Kids TV channels, Books, and Children's seat and a large salon to engage and comfort the young client to ensure they enjoy their experience with us.

We believe that all of our customers including children should enjoy their experience and be catered for in the best possible way. 

Please download our 'KIDS IN THE BARBERSHOP PDF' - HERE

To book an appointment for your child please call our salon

01845 868475 

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