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Welcome to King & Captain

Here at King and Captain, owner Jack and previous owner Tyra wanted to create an atmosphere suited to all customers, a homely, family barbershop whilst offering a high class service. The team is youthful, creative, caring and passionate and thrive on providing a great service whilst catering for each customers requirements.

King and Captain has Accredited barbershops and a Training salon which is highly passionate about training staff and apprentices to the highest level. We also feature in the Good Barbers Guide.

We Open Bank Holidays!
We Open Until 8pm on Friday (Catterick) & Thursday And Friday (Thirsk) So Pop In!
Appointments only to ensure your'e not sat around waiting for hours!

The Team

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Jack Robinson Pullen

Director & Staff educator Jack works tirelessly to ensure all members of staff meet the highest requirements to be able to deliver a top class service to all customers. Jack pushes for King & Captain to deliver high standards consistently across the board.

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Seb Miles

Help.. I cant leave.. I'm trapped forever.. He has a knife.. Help me.

(Seb wrote his own bio)

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Jordan Kitching

Jordan is the most Yorkshire person we've ever met. Off t' pub at weekend, every single weekend! Decent barber, Decent banter, crap football team!

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Amy Dickinson

Amy was the person we needed and we didn't even know. She has knitted to team and creates a cohesion amongst our team. Customer services is first class and she's not bad at cutting hair either!

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